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Tattoo Exhibits – 2 Shows, 2 Museums, 2 Cool

Tattoo Exhibits Worth Seeing… If you love tattoos, you will love these two major exhibits currently on display at two major museums. Tattoo exhibits are not new, but what is unique about these current shows is the depth and width of their presentations, and the rich cultural history of tattooing that is on display. Carefully […]

Tattoo Pain Relief – Comfortably Numb?

We have all seen the tattoo pain charts that supposedly show the ouchiest place to get tattooed.  Most of them feature ominous nuclear zones in the crotch and armpit regions with varying shades of doom on the backs of knees and elbows.  Most of this information is subjective as how much getting tattooed hurts depends […]

Tattoo Myths and Legends – Fact vs. Fiction

Tattoo Myths and Legends The world of tattooing is chock full of interesting people and stories,  from the ground breaking new tattoo artists of today to the legendary tattoo artists of yesteryear it is a world rich with colorful characters.  And not just the tattoo artists – what about the collectors?  Circus performers, demur housewives, a woman […]

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Erin Chance

Tattoo by Erin Chance Subject: Pure Awesomeness

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Tattoo by Erin Chance, Unkindness Art