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Witch Doctors and Woe – Take Me to the River

I shelved this series a while back when I made the questionable decision to self-host my blog. In the ensuing craziness I let this series slide but now I am picking up where I left off and plan on finishing the damn story for anyone interested in discovering just how foolish I can be (plenty, […]


Are YOU a Tattoo Collector? Take the Quiz!

 Are You a Tattoo Collector? Tattoos can say a lot about a person. Having a tattoo or tattoos, subject matter and placement all form an impression of an individual whether it is accurate or not. If you are reading this you probably have a tattoo or are thinking of getting one. What will your tattoo […]


Juliet Simms – Artist I Adore

Last week in a shameless attempt to curry favor with my teenage daughter I wrote about one of her favorite bands/singers and his tattoos. Now I’m not saying that she bought it entirely but she did appear to think I was (ever so slightly) cooler. For about 15 minutes. Well that is good enough for me folks […]