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Tattoos and Rock and Roll

Tattoos and Rock and Roll – Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together Yesterday I stood in line for ice cream at an adorable shop on the tiny perfect town square in a quaint little tourist town near where I live. While contemplating my creamy choices I noticed something kind of funny. 4 out of the […]


Kelly Doty – A Tattoo Artist I Adore

Kelly Doty is one of my favorite tattoo artists and here is why;   So did that whet your appetite? If you are not familiar with Ms. Doty’s work you may have a couple of questions. Maybe you are thinking you are looking at paintings? Your not. These are all tattoos! Or perhaps you have […]


Tattoo Removal – Fact Vs. Fiction

Everything You need to Know About Tattoo Removal DISCLAIMER This blog is notorious for the following: non-expert opinions (we should have chocolate money!) random observations (what is that in that tree over there?) double negatives (don’t not complain about those – please!) non-sequitors (squirrel!) and on and on What does this mean for you the reader? […]