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Japanese Tattoos – History, Culture, Design

Recently I received a book in the mail that reaffirmed my faith in blogging – namely that if I continued to blog I would occasionally receive free stuff. What do you say when someone emails you and asks if you would like to review their tattoo book? If you are me you say yes! and […]

Tattoo Taboos – Can Your Ink Get You Killed?

(I originally posted this on Tattoo Tourist in May 2014 and also on Tattoodo in 2015 – an oldy but a goody) TATTOO TABOOS I think we can all agree that tattoos have gotten pretty common these days. Walk into any mall, movie theater or public space and ink abounds on people of all shapes and sizes…and it’s a good thing. […]

I Don’t Want a Job That Doesn’t Want My Tattoos

I Don’t Want a Job That Doesn’t Want My Tattoos.  That little gem was waiting for me in my search terms a few weeks ago. For you non-bloggers out there (you lucky dogs), search terms are lists of word combos, sentences, and phrases that people type into search engines in hopes of having their questions […]

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Erin Chance

Tattoo by Erin Chance Subject: Pure Awesomeness

Want to have your favorite tattoo featured on The Tattoo Tourist? Submit a high quality image to and include the tattoo artists name and shop, their link (if they have one), and your first name and city. Then check back to see if you are the Tattoo of the Week!

Tattoo by Erin Chance, Unkindness Art