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5 Tattoo Blogs Worth Reading

I know what your thinking. Your thinking, “Why the hell did google send me here when all I wanted to see was pictures of Angelina Jolie naked?!” You may also be thinking about eating a delicious donut for breakfast…if so I salute you! And maybe…just maybe you might like to find out about some cool […]


10 TOP Female Tattoo Artists-USA

Who are the Top Female Tattoo Artists in the USA you ask? Well actually you did ask…many times in your search terms. Maybe not YOU personally but lots of tattoo fans actively seek out the best artists and believe it or not this info can be a bit hard to track down, mainly because it is just […]


Tattoo Sunburn?! 5 Tips to Avoid it!

Well it’s  that time of year. The weather is nice and warm, the sun is out and perhaps you are firing up your grill or filling up a picnic basket in anticipation of a sunny 4th of July weekend. But hold on a minute! Didn’t you just get a new tattoo last week? (or last month […]

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Nikko Hurtado, Long Beach CA
Subject: Memorial Skull and Rosary
Tattoo Owner: Jeff W.

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