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Restorative Tattooing – Questions Answered!

What is the difference between traditional tattooing and restorative tattooing?  Who is a candidate for restorative tattooing?  How do you find a specialist that can help you recreate nipples, cover scars and more? I had the pleasure of speaking Jeanine Mctasney of Restorative Ink Specialists an expert in restorative tattooing, who had answers galore to my questions.  Did […]

Tattoo Pimples – Don’t Freak Out!!

Tattoo Pimples What are they, what causes them, and what to do (or NOT do about them!) Healing a fresh tattoo can be a stressful experience. Scrupulous aftercare can help prevent many, if not all potential problems, but even those of us who take aftercare as a near-religious calling can still run into trouble.  One […]

Tattoo Exhibits – 2 Shows, 2 Museums, 2 Cool

Tattoo Exhibits Worth Seeing… If you love tattoos, you will love these two major exhibits currently on display at two major museums. Tattoo exhibits are not new, but what is unique about these current shows is the depth and width of their presentations, and the rich cultural history of tattooing that is on display. Carefully […]

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Erin Chance

Tattoo by Erin Chance Subject: Pure Awesomeness

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Tattoo by Erin Chance, Unkindness Art