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I Have Been Cheating On You

Thanksgiving is upon us and it is time to brace yourself for a full  frontal family  assault. Shore yourself up by stockpiling irreverent online articles to read on your smart phone. Then when you go hide on the back porch to “take this important call” you can read all the stuff I have been writing for another […]

My Dirty Little Tattoo Secret

I have a tattoo secret to tell you (and it’s a two-parter) The first part is that my secret isn’t really “dirty” – that was just a ploy to get you to read this post (gotcha you bad boy/girl!). The second part is that I really hate getting tattooed.  OK there I said it. The Tattoo Tourist […]

What Happens in Vegas…Should Probably Involve Tattoo Insurance

Did you go to the Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth last month in Las Vegas? If so have you sobered up yet? Or figured out who gave you the tattoo of Steve Buscemi as the Virgin Mary? Of course it is not all debauchery and shenanigans at these conventions (just  93%). Tattoo professionals attend conventions to get work […]

Your Ink Here


Mickii, Sweden
Subject: Blackwork Hand and Key
Tattoo Owner: Daniel

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Tattoo by Mickii of Mickii Deluxe Tattoo, Sweden