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AFTERSHOCK 2016 – Are You Ready to Rock?

I know summer has barely begun but if you like your music heavy and loud and your festivals thrashing and crazy then it’s time to get your tickets to AFTERSHOCK 2016.  AFTERSHOCK is a festival for fans of seriously heavy music and serious party lovers alike.  AFTERSHOCK 2016 features a lineup that made my forty something year […]

Tattooed Parents – 5 Things You Know to be True

5 things all tattooed parents know to be true Whether you had your first encounter with a tattoo machine long before you answered to mum or dad, or you’ve only started your love affair with being inked since having kids, here are 5 things all 5 things all tattooed parents can relate to. Having tattoos […]

Ink – A Tattooed Love Song by Matt Jaffe

Summer is almost upon us and the summer music scene is rapidly heating up.  This season I will be covering several shows including Andy Black, Twenty One Pilots, Vans Warped Tour, and AFTERSHOCK.  There will still be lots of tattoo content so don’t fret, but who can say “no” to press passes, band interviews, and […]

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Erin Chance

Tattoo by Erin Chance Subject: Pure Awesomeness

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Tattoo by Erin Chance, Unkindness Art